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This calendar shows virtual events offered by the EBCS community through May 3, as well as live public events coming up at EBCS from May 4 onward. Live events are subject to change if the existing “shelter-in-place” order is extended.

Private events aren’t listed here, so this isn’t a complete list from which one can infer availability.

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California Coastal Cleanup 2020 (Statewide)
Sep 26 all-day
California Coastal Cleanup 2020 (Statewide)
The model for Coastal Cleanup Day will look different this year. Instead of happening on a single Saturday, it will occur on each Saturday in September. The goal is to stay safe and close to home, yet still quantify all the litter we pick up as a state. Beach cleanups start at our own front doors. Trash can travel through storm drains, creeks, and rivers to become beach pollution. Visit for full guidance.
Stay tuned to this event page for up-to-date information.
*By participating you understand and agree that neither the State of California or California Coastal Commission may be held liable or responsible in any way for any injury, death, or other damages to you or your family, heirs, or assigns that may occur as a result of your participation, or as a result of product liability or the negligence, whether passive or active, of any party in connection with the cleanups. Have fun and remember, safety first! Thank you for extending your care and compassion to our communities at this time! Stay healthy.
#CoastalCleanup #CoastalCleanupDay



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