Building Your Relationship House – A Couples Workshop

November 19, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Building Your Relationship House - A Couples Workshop
Learn to Love Presents:
Building Your Relationship House – A Couples Workshop
with Zach Beach, MA

Relationships are great, but how to we make them better? How do we ensure our love continues for the long run, and even improve over time?

We start by building our relationship house: a sturdy, stable, and sound structure for our love to live and grow in.

In this one-of-a-kind workshop, author and teacher Zach Beach will guide you and your partner through building your relationship house by:
-Learning the 12 principles to make your love unforgettable
-Breaking out of past conditioning through revising “core scenes” of conflict
-Creating a love map of yourself and your partner to foster connection
-Learning your love language and how to ask for what you want
-Creating rituals to develop shared meaning
-Understanding the role positivity plays in lasting partnership

Through lecture, demonstration, writing exercises, and partner exercises, these these practices will solidify positive behaviors for people of any learning style.

All relationship houses are unique, but each are based on the same foundational relationship principles that make for lasting happiness and joy.

This workshop is perfect for couples in new and established relationships of any configuration (gay/straight, mono/open/poly) looking to strengthen their love and deepen their intimacy.

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LEARN TO LOVE is a monthly workshop series, examining the role that love plays in our lives and culture. Featuring leading psychologists, therapists, relationship coaches, and sex educators, each wisdom-packed session will equip participants with deeper insights, tools and knowledge to bring more love into their lives. Learn more at

Zach Beach is an internationally renowned yoga teacher, best-selling author, poet, love coach, and founder of The Heart Center love school. Committed to building a world based on unconditional love and connection, Zach regularly leads Power of Love retreats, heart-opening workshops, and transformational teacher trainings, and is a popular speaker from conferences to college campuses. Learn more at

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