Cuddles’n’Blues: Connect in hugs and dance *LAST Chance Dance* – Hosted by Rainbow Chen

March 6, 2020 @ 7:15 pm – 10:30 pm
Cuddles'n'Blues: Connect in hugs and dance *LAST Chance Dance* - Hosted by Rainbow Chen

Explore new ways of relating in a community focused on safety, consent, & healthy connections through hugs and dance. < I’m moving to Honolulu, so if you’ve been thinking about joining the fun, this is YOUR TIME! >

*Desiring more hugs? Curious about cuddle parties?
*Craving nourishing touch, maybe a multi-person massage?
*Want to learn blues dancing or deepen your partnering more?
*Yearning for more authentic connections?

Partner dancing is an amazing analogy for relationships and life. Learn how to ask for what you want, listen deeply, and be clear about your yes’s and no’s — on and off the dance floor. We’ll have a playful event with honest discussions and exercises to support you in learning and deepening your experience in blues dancing and cuddly gatherings.

It’s all about clear communication and consent, so you get to CHOOSE who you want to interact with and how throughout the evening. You can dance or cuddle or simply observe or do all the above and change your mind ANY time at this PG-RATED, fully clothed event 🙂

7:15p Doors open (bring snacks; I’ll have some)
7:30-9:45p Workshop* (please be on time–lots to share!)
9:45-10:30p Practice lab: dance & cuddle party
***Register*** for online ($30) and bring-a-friend deals ($20 each). At the door love exchange is $40 🙂
No good soul turned away for lack of funds.

*If for any reason, you will be late and have not attended the workshop before, please message Rainbow to discuss workshop agreements. It’s important that we create a safe space for participants to enjoy the event easily.*

LOCATION: East Bay Community Space, easy BART from SF. Please ask for carpools/rides; let’s be green together! 🙂

MORE ON WORKSHOP description:
Rainbow Chen, seasoned relationships coach and trained dancer, will share connection concepts focusing on the exquisite nuances of human connection. You will experience facilitated exercises on authentic requests and responses to discover how we can respectfully intersect with each other and play a bigger game in life together. Get the fundamentals of blues dancing through the lens of connecting to ourselves, each other, and the energy created when two come together. It’s truly a fun evening together!

Some of the gratitude shared in closing circles included appreciation for “welcoming stretch into something once scary” [cuddles/partner dancing], “learning how to have playful, nice, and firm boundaries”, “new perceptions”, “being in community”, “feeling joy”, “safe environment”, “powerful teaching and facilitation”, “I learn something new each time, and am even applying the principles at work to get more of what I want and be a better communicator”, and “important work in the world.” We look forward to welcoming you!

NOTE: Please refrain from any scents/colognes and don’t use scented fabric softener or dryer sheets on your clothes to enable those with severe allergies to attend. Using fragrance-free detergent helps a lot too. Thanks for making this more accessible for all. For more details/support:


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