SoulPlay Connect is back at EBCS!

Join us for an evening of Play on May 12th. The entire evening is crafted get into our bodies, connect and PLAY. Join us on this journey of workshops, live music and an epic ecstatic dance!

Enjoy dinner by the bar, tea and cuddles upstairs, and perhaps a massage in between. Perfect for people who enjoy having a lot of fun, while deeply connecting with new and old friends. 😉

This event is created by the SoulPlay Festivals team to give you a taste of this festival’s spirit of joy and connection. Come drop into your body, open your heart and let your true self-play among kindred souls.

Evening Lineup

“Improv for a Fearless Heart” by Jenny Donohue
This theatrical game-based improv playshop is designed to transform your fears & anxieties around connection into your new wingman and BFF. Do the same emotional roadblocks keep popping up and rearing their nasty little heads at the most untimely times? This is their invitation to come out & level up! Are you game?

Nona Fender & the Benders
A radically inclusive class-act that weaves live music, movement, breath & awareness practices, vocal play, theatre games, Tantrik Philosophy & sacred profane humor for a booty shaking good time in a body!

“Blindfolded Contact: Surrendering To Our Inner Sight” By Gabriel Diamond & Candice Dawn
When we dance, we often rely on our external surroundings—the shape of our limbs, our partner’s gestures, our orientation in the room—to inform how we move. In this workshop, we will experience dancing in the dark to cultivate our inner sight and learn to access the spontaneous movements that want to arise by building inner trust & learning to let go of judgment. We will open with a short circle addressing boundaries/safety. If you have a blindfold, please bring it.

DJ Sasha Rose – Ecstatic Dance Journey
Sasha will be sharing her unique hybridization of the original production featuring her celestial vocals with carefully selected inspirational dance tracks from various artists. Her performances flow from world beat grooves to tribal rhythms to downtempo dance dub to ecstatic inspirational ascensions to higher realms. Get ready for luscious soundscapes and thick bass lines in this evening Ecstatic Dance.

“Bodhicitta Meditation” By Carley Hauck
Carley will share a powerful meditation that will open you to the wisdom of the heart. Love is the supreme energy. It unifies and strengthens where there is division. In this journey, you will learn how to move from me to we so you can cultivate true connection and belonging in yourself and those around you.

Additional Offerings

– Delicious Vegan Cuisine by Jillian Love
– Tea service by Sukha Bas
– Donation based table massage
– Lots of Cuddle space


Online sliding scale – $20-$35

There are 3 price options. Please select the one that best reflects your financial ability. Your generosity helps support those who are less fortunate. For low-income buyers, there is an additional discount if you purchase before 5/5.

At the door sliding scale – $30-$40


Jenny Donohue is sassy, saucy, somatic play & communication connoisseur. A theater conservatory grad & holder of a few fancy coach titles, she has been teaching healing improv classes for over 12 years. She fuses her passion for deeper connection and intimacy with the art and fun of theater games. Let’s play!Nona Fender & the Benders

Nona Fender & the Benders is a live music & movement class-act. It is sonically elevated by EEnor, a live rhythm section & electronic elements. The Benders raucous whimsy carries you high & low in waves of musical ecstasy, deep reflection, & down & dirty playful wildness. Eenor is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, & performer who’s received enthusiastically around the world w/ Plainfield, Ali Akbar Khan, Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade, Beats Antique & The Yard Dogs Road Show. The Benders will be weaving a magickal musical carpet for SoulPlay that everyone can roll around on each other as a preface to the ecstatic dance party. Playful movement will be suggestively led by Nona Fender to get things all refreshed after a long day of expansion and juiced up for a sweet night of deepening.

Candice is a performer, writer, and coach with a focus on reclaiming erotic embodiment through exploring shame and shadow. She brings her passion for movement, play, and creative self-expression to her work as a group facilitator. She has trained in various healing modalities such as yoga, tantra, and orgasmic meditation as well as studied Alexander Technique and theatrical movement while getting her BFA at NYU.

Gabriel’s blindfolded contact practice emerged from a desire to connect to source, find freedom from judgment, and increase sensitivity. He’s interested in the intersection between high ideals (non-attachment, altruism), fear (shame, rejection, death), art, sensuality and play. He’s is a filmmaker by trade. Stay Connect: BLOG: WEBSITE:

Sasha Rose is a multi-talented Canadian singer/songwriter, musician, DJ, and producer. She creates luscious soundscapes and thick bass lines bridged by her soulful, angelic voice and a variety of live instrumentation. Sasha will be sharing two unique styles with us at SoulPlay this year: guiding us in an ecstatic dacne with a unique hybridization of original production and celestial vocals with carefully selected inspirational dance tracks from various artists. Her performance will flow from world beat grooves to tribal rhythms to downtempo dance dub to ecstatic inspirational ascensions to higher realms.

Carley Hauck is the founder and Chief Wisdom Seeker of Living Well Awake. Carley works as an
executive coach, corporate consultant, teacher, and author. Carley teaches on the subjects of
mindfulness, well being, authenticity, leadership, and resilience at Stanford University, Haas
Business School, and at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Carley has a free Mindful Living
workbook for you and you can get it at


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