EBCS is becoming even MORE accessible!

Hello EBCS community! We have some exciting news! We have a wonderful opportunity to work with a highly skilled and experienced accessibility expert, Rachel Dwight, to help us more fully embody our principles of inclusivity and accessibility. They will be doing a combination of consulting and training to help us at the East Bay Community Space address the deeper complexities that exist when expanding accessibility and inclusion.

We are dedicated to offsetting the systemic inaccessibility that permeates our culture and excludes swaths of our community. What we are doing at this space is invaluable to many people who otherwise have no place to be in common space. And yet, there are still ways we need to improve.

The work that Rachel will be offering us is in the form of:

  • Evaluating our space for various aspects of accessibility.

  • Providing a path forward to implement the changes needed.

  • Advising on equipment and materials to improve the accessibility of the space.

  • Expand our seating possibilities and some adjustment of existing furniture.

  • Facilitate communicating and demonstrating our commitment to accessibility – both in our space and online.

  • Training the EBCS staff to support the access needs of the entire community.

  • Community trainings for the general public and for folks who use our space on a regular or semi-regular basis that help deepen our collective knowledge about accessibility.

We know many of you see the negative impact inaccessibility has on so many of our community members. This is an opportunity for you to help relieve that burden. Our fundraising goal is $11,690.

Would you be willing to contribute to this project to help make EBCS a place that truly supports everyone who comes through our doors?

Click here to donate today (with a note saying “Yes to Access”). If you’d rather contribute by check or cash, please make your check out to East Bay Community Space and mail it to 2157 Vine Street, Berkeley, CA 94709, or drop off some cash M-F, 9-5:30 to the Telegraph room at 5447 Telegraph.

We’re starting this campaign through direct donations in an effort to avoid the fees that come with crowdfunding platforms (we’re sure you’ve got plenty of tote bags and t-shirts).

Your willingness to take a moment now to support us will make a huge difference.

Thank you so much for being a part of the EBCS community.

East Bay Community Space

SueStuart, David & Liz


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