Justice and Healing hosted by Integrate Trauma Informed Network

Join Integrate Trauma-Informed Network of Oakland for our panel discussion and workshop series this fall. The panel and workshop themes will center around the impact of trauma in communities, restorative justice in the Bay Area, trauma-informed mindfulness, and creating accessible resources to respond to cyclical adversity and build resilience.

Find out more about the mission and vision behind Integrate Trauma Informed Network at the link below:


Event Schedule:
12-2pm: Panel Discussion
2-2:50pm: Light Lunch + Networking
3-3:50pm: Workshop
4-4:50pm Workshop
5pm End

Hosted by Victoria Emanuela (director of the Oakland Integrate Network chapter) & Julie Johnson (Founder of Integrate Trauma-Informed Network, St. Louis, and community educator)

Victoria Emanuela, LPC, CYT
Victoria Emanuela is a counselor, yoga and meditation teacher, and community traumatologist. During the last few years, she’s built access to practical and safe complimetary healing resources for survivors, primarily women with histories of complex trauma. One of her priorities is to make The Healing Arts practical and accessible in a way that merges the holistic insights and science behind their foundations, especially in current research. It’s important to her that complimentary healing methods fulfill a concrete approach that’s accessible, inclusive, and provide safe, dynamic options towards personal transformation that work. Victoria is the former owner/founder of Modern Healer Wellness Studio located in St. Louis. She now lives in Oakland, California, where she is expanding Integrate’s platform, while also working with survivors through workshops, trainings, and her private clientele. She is the co-founder of On Being in Your Body.

Julie Johnson, M. Ed
Julie is a teacher, artist and community educator in St. Louis, MO. She’s been working in Ferguson for nearly six years in a variety of educational positions, but has been a Teacher of the Visually Impaired for nine years. In her time working in Ferguson and North County, as a Teacher of the Visually Impaired and within homes and schools, she noticed how high the instances of poverty, childhood trauma and overall toxic stress were among the families and students she served. After watching how deep the toxic stress was embedded into the daily lives of her students and their families throughout many years, she wanted to come up with a way to offer the gift of yoga that was culturally and physically acceptable to her students. Julie was passionate that yoga could provide students with healing tools that could empower them to seek healthy options of coping with toxic stress. Now in it’s second year of existence, Fit Abilities continues to support students with visual impairments in North St. Louis County and beyond. The support extends itself in day to day school routines, after school activities, and connects students’ families to safe professionals that understand the impact trauma plays on them and their families.
In the midst of creating the Fit Abilities Trauma Informed Yoga Program in the fall of 2015, Julie also helped create the St. Louis Trauma Informed Network (Integrate!), after realizing there was a large need for professionals serving clients and students in communities with high amounts of trauma. The network allows its members to connect and share resources across transdisciplinary lines on a grass roots level. Additionally, the space aims to be a place to share resources and connect trauma survivors to appropriate professionals, aide in their healing, and connect professionals to each other to help support their caseload.
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