So Long kitLAB; Welcome to Our New Co-Working and Event Space

We are sorry to announce that kitLAB will not be opening in the EBCS storefront at the corner of Telegraph and 55th Street.  Over the past year, kitLAB staff did a ton of work to fix up their space, to run wonderful events, and to collaborate with amazing artists and crafts people.  Unfortunately, kitLAB didn’t have the resources to fully open the store, so their founders have decided to move on to other endeavors.  We wish them all the best!

Our storefront space at the corner of Telegraph and 55th will turn in to a new co-working and event space. We anticipate making the space available for co-working on weekdays sometime this fall.  The space is already available for event rentals, and we’ll continue to offer it for lectures, classes and other events in the evening and on weekends even after co-working begins.  Look for more updates as we move forward.

And of course, The Well Café will continue to operate in our other storefront, located in our building at 5443 Telegraph.


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