Women Rising: Create A Life That Works! (October 6 & 7)

Forget everything you’ve heard about what it takes for women to achieve work-life success…

Every once in awhile you come across an event that changes your life…this is THAT event.

Imagine your work and personal life running smoothly and thriving – everything flowing the way you dreamed it would!

As busy professional women we know it’s not always like that. It’s all too easy to start autopiloting through life – drowning in stress, decision-fatigue and overwhelm with that never-ending to-do list.

But you can learn how to wave goodbye to overwhelm, get off the work-life hamster wheel, and take back real control so you can chart a successful course to creating a career and life you love.

Spend the weekend with me, Akanke Adefunmi, certified Work-Life Success Coach for a 2-day empowering, inspiring and life-changing women’s event happening October 6 & 7, 2018, 9:00AM-5:00PM (Sat. & Sun.)

In 2 days you will learn to…

turn stress into calm…

self-doubt into confidence…

overwhelm into balance…

guilt into freedom…

And uncertainty into clarity and direction.

Who’s This Event For?

Well, if you want deeper connections and to be fully present with the people and things that matter most…

And you want more time and space for yourself… without feeling guilty…

If you want more clarity and direction when it comes to next steps in your personal or professional life…

And you’re ready to improve your confidence, resilience, and move through your work week without second-guessing yourself…

And you want to start feeling grounded, focused, organized…and stop feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted…

…then this is the event for you!

Weekend Intentions

Spend the weekend with Akanke and experience 2 days of transformational presentations, group discussions, break-out sessions, and exercises to help you:

  • Awaken your vision and move forward with clarity: Find and clarify the vision you have for your work and homelife, so you can put an end to decision-fatigue, distractions, and second-guessing yourself…and start making the right choices and taking actions that serve your vision.
  • Develop your power perspective: Uncover and connect to the power within you so you can step into the creative and powerful woman that you are.

    Discover boundaries that empower and support you and the people in your life, so you can reduce stress, free-up time, and enjoy greater connection in your relationships

  • Apply the new rules for everyday balance: “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re always gonna get what you’ve always gotten”. It’s time for an evolved and personalized approach to work-life balance.
  • Discover practices and systems necessary for sustaining a satisfying career and homelife…so you don’t have to sacrifice work for a personal life or visa versa
  • You don’t have to do it alone. Be seen, heard, witnessed and valued on your journey by a sisterhood of like-hearted women dedicated to living with clarity, confidence and balance, and supporting you to do the same.

You’ll Also learn:

  • How to stop feeling time-crunched and start getting more time, so you can reconnect to the people and things that truly matter to you
  • Highly effective strategies for staying grounded and focused, so you’re reaching career and life goals without burning out
  • How to let go of guilt and self-doubt, and confidently set yourself up for real work-life balance
  • How to stop autopiloting through life and start being present and engaged where and when it matters
  • A proven, easy to follow, 3-step system for creating a life you love…now and forever
  • And so much more!

Claim Your Full Scholarship Today (so what’s the $100 all about?)!

We ask for a $100 no-show deposit to hold your seat. This deposit lets us know that you’re definitely coming and allows us to prepare for you and avoid the discomfort of over-filling the event.

When you arrive at the event, we’ll have a $100 check waiting for you, which means that you get to attend the event for free, as our gift to you. By reserving your seat you will be scheduled to attend the event Women Rising: Create A Life That WORKS! on the event dates.

If you choose to either cancel or not show up at the event you are scheduled for, then you will not receive your $100 deposit back. No chargebacks are allowed.

What women are saying about Akanke

“Akanke helped me to get crystal clear about what’s important and what truly has meaning for me. Now I can choose what I will and will not do with confidence. It makes my life so much easier. I’ve also attracted more people and projects that align with my mission as an entrepreneur and a lover of life.” ~ Geraldine

“Akanke helped me to focus on and cultivate my strengths and remember that I have the tools to continue to succeed.” ~ Sonia

“Change is scary! And sometimes really really hard! But there was no other path than to address my issues head-on, be brave and bold, take back my life, and to return home to my true self! Working with Akanke I learned what I truly value. She is such a beautiful soul! I’m forever grateful for her!” ~ Jamie

“Working with Akanke, it feels like things art easier and I have more energy. I am able to get things done effortlessly and I want to do more. I feel awake!” ~ Heather

“I didn’t have the ability to see that I was being pushed to my limits personally, physically and professionally before working with Akanke. I thought it was okay to be exhausted all the time. I even assumed my health issues weren’t significant. The truth is that I was trying to say, ‘yes’ to everybody.” ~ Vita

“Akanke is a fantastic life coach who helped me clarify and resolve a lot of issues that kept me from reaching my goals. After working with her, I was able to work more efficiently, stay more organized, and find more balance in my life.” ~ Barbie

“Before I started working with Akanke, I felt unhappy, generally unsatisfied, tired and stuck. There were so many changes I wanted to make and knew I needed to make, but could not get myself in motion….I now have more confidence to try new directions and to give myself and my family more space as a mother. I also feel more empowered to nurture and value myself. I feel I’ve reconnected to the more spiritual part of myself and am making more room for joy and play in my life.” ~ Lara

“Due to the work I did with Akanke I feel a blockage was removed and my energy shifted were I was able to start focusing on loving, accepting, appreciating and celebrating myself. I was also able to start back reclaiming my power.” ~ Ayana


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