Bookkeeping.  Help us to keep our books in Quickbooks on line.

Volunteer Coordination. Work with the EBCS manager to recruit and assign volunteers at the Community Space.

Open Time Hosts. Serve as a host to welcome users during Community Space open hours.

Open Houses. Plan, coordinate, advertise and host open houses to let people find out about the Community Space.

Skilled Construction. We can always use skilled carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters and other skilled tradespeople who can help with repairs, odd jobs and improvements at the Community Space.

Fundraising. Coordinate fundraising to support the Community Space.

Photographers. We need photographers to shoot pictures of the space itself, for use in marketing, and also to shoot photos of our events.

Logo Design. We need a new logo to brand ourselves. Wanna design it?

Exterior Signs. Coordinate design and/or installation of permanent signs on our building to identify the Community Space.

Website and Facebook Page. Maintain and update this Community Space website and our Facebook page.

Cleaning / Janitorial. We will hire paid cleaners for the Community Space as needed, but we’d welcome volunteers to help with cleaning to help us stay on budget.



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