Our Co-Working Space provides an affordable alternative for artists, activists, writers, entrepreneurs, and telecommuters looking for a comfortable and inclusive work space.


It is located in the Telegraph Room, situated immediately on the corner of Telegraph Avenue and 55th Street, with its own entrance at 5447 Telegraph Ave.

Co-Working Hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5:30pm

RATES are based on a sliding scale:

Drop-In Packages  
3 hours or less     $5 LOW / $10 MID / $15 HIGH 3 hour passes:   Buy 5 for $20 / $40 / $60
All day access      $10 LOW / $20 MID / $30 HIGH     Buy 10 for $35 / $70 / $105
All day passes:  Buy 5 for $40 / $80 / $120
  Buy 10 for $70 / $140 / $210
Monthly all access pass:  $120 / $240 / $360

About our sliding scale:

EBCS operates on a not-for-profit basis, and strives to keep all its programs affordable to everyone.  With that in mind, we operate all our programs on a sliding scale basis.  We ask our users to pay as much as they can, following these guidelines:

  • The high end of the sliding scale is for people who are fully employed, whose companies are paying for their co-working time, and/or who have other income and resources.
  • The middle of the sliding scale is for people who work part-time, who pay for their co-working on their own from their earnings, and/or who are of moderate means.
  • The low end of the sliding scale is for artists, students, senior citizens and others who have no regular income stream and/or who are of only very limited means.

We are expanding our hours to include late evenings (roughly 10pm – 1am depending on volunteer host) from Sunday through Thursday with occasional weekend nights as well. We are looking for hosts to volunteer in exchange for working at our Co-Working Space. If you are interested in either hosting a session for work-trade or just attending a late-night Co-Working event, you can email us here.



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