This smaller room (roughly 15′ x 20′) is available for hourly rentals throughout the day and evening. It’s an ideal space for classes, meetings or meditation groups.

The capacity in this room is approximately 8 to 10 people.

Rental rates for 2023:

  • 1 hour: $30 – $50 an hour
  • 2 hours: $25 – $40 an hour
  • 3 hours or more: $20 – $30 an hour
  • 4 hours or more: $15 – $20 an hour

Note: Rental fee is lowered if renting Meeting room along with other spaces. No charge for large group parties using the Main Space.

If an event includes food, crafts, make up or other messy activities, we charge a cleaning fee of $30 – $60.

If set up, take down, or assistance with access is required, we charge for a House Manager at a rate of $30/hr.

Contact us if you’re interested in booking.



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