East Bay Community Dance w/Gabriel Francisco

***We are a ‘vaxxed-plus‘ event. Masks are still optional (on the dance floor) as we are under the health order exemption list. We encourage you to wear a mask if you feel safer. ***
*If you buy a ticket and can’t come due to a Covid illness or exposure, we do offer a refund (minus processing fees) if requested before 12pm on Tuesday (day of). However, since there is so much uncertainty right now, which is affecting the viability of our events, some of our ticket holders have elected not to receive a refund, and instead to make a donation of their ticket price.
Dancers of the Bay Area,
We thank you all for being a part of this awesome experience! We are truly so glad that we all get to benefit from this dance medicine!!!
**Please read our guidelines at the bottom of the page.
This is an indoor, *vaccinated and boosted only* dance event sponsored by EBCS and produced by Dan Zemelman (DJ DZ). East Bay Community Dance occurs every Tuesday (unless cancelled for a holiday or extreme weather).
Doors open at 7:00pm for stretching/warmup and the main set is from 7:30-9:30pm.
This coming Tuesday, we welcome for the first time – Gabriel Francisco!!
Gabriel Francisco is truly an awesome, inspiring and energetic DJ who inspires and delivers hard-hitting grooves and energetic melodies and beats from all over the world. Come catch Gabriel in this beautiful, intimate setting!
DJ lineup:
June 28: Gabriel Francisco
July 5: Tecnico
July 12: Akasha
July 19: Rhythmystic
For now, there will not be food or drink served at East Bay Community Dance. However, The Well Organic Kitchen is perfectly situated next door, and serves drink and food until 10pm!
Tickets are $20 to $22 pre-sale (or $22 cash/Venmo at the door)
**There is limited capacity at EBCS, and we have sold out almost every time, so it is imperative to get advance tickets!
East Bay Community Dance is an all-vaccinated, “vaxxed plus” event. EBCD is pleased to offer a dance space for those who desire a fully-vaccinated dance experience. You must have received the second shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, two weeks before you attend. In addition, you must be either boosted or have contracted covid at some point in the past. Proof of vaccination, booster and/or infection is required.
People who are unable to show proof of vaccination will not be admitted.
We look forward to dancing with you!
Gabriel Francisco: The wild and deep score of a future-ancient gathering. The soundtrack of the Cosmos, vibrating and rich with movement potential. Electronic percussion, heady almost nostalgic in its real-time recollection. Windy, wet and silky, yet Earthy, tanned and ashy. Sonic support for the Soul, binding past, releasing present and moving the future!
As an international dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Gabriel’s entire professional career has been to take movers on an enriching, educational and insightful journey. In class it has been with movement he creates to music he loves, spinning tales, giving advice, helping, healing…
Transforming from Dancer to DJ, Gabriel has found an evolution, moving from the floor to the decks. Knowing what dancers want, has provided a special insight on what to provide as a DJ. Gabriel has taken his love of music and movement abroad, dropping DJ sets all over Europe, Thailand, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Gabriel has as opened for Dirtwire, Dimond Saints, Random Rab, Soohan, David Starfire, and MORiLLO to name just a few…
Ecstatic Sounds
· EBCD will Continue.
We will hold East Bay Community Dance this Tuesday and in future weeks as long as conditions don’t worsen significantly and Alameda County doesn’t change its regulations and guidance.
· Events are Potentially Risky.
We believe everyone attending should be aware that large gatherings like EBCD are not without risk. Attendance is a choice. Mask-wearing is NOT optional in public settings as of the new Alameda County mask mandate. 6/2/2022. However, we are included in the list of exemptions under HEALTH OFFICER ORDER NO. 22-02: “Participants in indoor recreational sports, gyms, yoga studios, and similar facilities may remove their masks when necessary while actively engaged in periods of heavy exertion, while participating in water-based sports (e.g., swimming, swim lessons, diving, water polo), and while actively engaged in other sports where masks create
imminent risk to health (e.g., wrestling, judo);”
· Cases Among the Vaccinated are Generally Mild.
Cases being spread among vaccinated people with normal immune systems are generally very mild, which is why we feel it’s okay to hold the dance. However, even a mild case of covid requires 10 days of isolation, and Covid can be passed to unvaccinated and immunocompromised people with serious consequences. So every attendee at EBCD should evaluate the risks for themselves.
· Refunds
If you don’t think you are going to be able to come, please don’t buy a ticket! We often sell out, so it is possible to sell your ticket on the Facebook event page the day of usually. We do offer limited refunds for those who cannot come because of a Covid infection or exposure. Message us at [email protected]. You MUST let us know by 12pm Tuesday day of. After that, there are NO refunds.
· Stay Home if You’re Even Slightly Sick.
Please do not attend EBCD if you have any symptoms that could be related to Covid-19, including cough, runny nose, congestion, fever, chills, aches or nausea.

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