Into The Closet with DJs Maya Light and K-Luh

September 19, 2022 @ 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Tired of going to queer events where there’s only disco, house, or techno?
Not to yuck your yum if thats your thing….but what about that wompy, wubby, dirty, deep bass?
Or the queer spaces that aren’t hosted at bars or clubs, where social lubricants aren’t a focus or expectation?
Well, queerdos, what you have been waiting for is finally here! — Genrefluid presents: Out of the Closet
This will be a 3-hour dance journey with K-Luh and Maya Light – two of the wompiest queer DJs in the bay.
The act of coming out of the closet often feels scary and vulnerable. But closets can also be safe places where one can explore their identity in gender, sexuality, and beyond.
Choosing to bring parts of oneself out of the closet is an act of radical power, and can give us the freedom to explore and express our love more fiercely.
We’re encouraging folks to explore their gender expression by participating in an all-gender clothing swap in the back room throughout the night. Step into our collective closets and let your curiosity run wild.
We will have limited space, so we ask that you bring just 5 of your most delectable outfits.
Get your ticket here:
Music starts at 7pm and goes until 10pm.
A few guidelines:
-No talking on the dance floor
-No photos inside the event
-No shoes on the dance floor

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