Ouroboros – Changing with the Changes – Tonight!

Thursday, October 20, 7:15 pm – 10:45 pm
Take a step back and soften your focus…
Get lost in the fluidity and flow of sound, melting and merging into the moment…
Allow for the world around you to become nebulous, embracing the ever-changing, amorphous nature of existence…
This is a space to loosen our grip on what we believe is true…that which feels unmovable and unchangeable…
You will have two deejays for the night – Maya Light and Melter. And we will be playing music by artists such as Tipper, Clozee, lil Fish, Desert Dwellers, and Biolumigen.
So think…non-differentiated and expansive.
This will not be melody-driven, where you’ll have the comfort and familiarity of a chorus to come back to.
The set will be spacious, always changing and moving…to invite a deep softening into the unknown, moving away from the precision and attachment of our goals, visions, and stories, to see the bigger picture…
And to tap more deeply into the collective dance of life.
Doors open at 7:15pm and music will be playing until 10:45pm

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