The Ridiculum Curriculum Comedy Show

When things get ridiculously serious, it’s time to get seriously ridiculous!
The Ridiculum Curriculum Show is the deep and intensive expression of hilarity for your survival as a human being in these ridiculous times. It’s a program for mental stability and instant enlightenment by lightening the heck up….For those of you who don’t know… now you know. This show is a combination of stand up comedy, satirical commercials and audience participatory experiences.
What is Spiritual Satire?? It’s comedy that has fun with topics like new agism, spirituality, Yoga, psychedelics, religion, ecstatic dance culture, relationship anarchy culture, etc….
A departure from the bullylike bro vibe, the low frequency, low IQ garbage, it’s an invitation to hear the deep wisdom of a “wise ass”. To hear real intelligence from a “smart ass”. To put the SPIRIT into spirituality.
Headlining this show will be the epic Aaron Weaver, a hilarious comic from LA who was named one of Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch” as well as being named one of Last Comic Standing’s “Top 100 Comedians.” Aaron started doing stand-up in Chicago with a point-of-view so specific, so original, and so hilarious that the rest of the Chicago comedy scene quickly took notice. He rapidly became one of Chicago’s most heralded stand-ups, due to his custom brand of absurd soulfulness and his way of exploring all the smartest and stupidest thoughts that go through all of our heads.
Raina Satori will be channelling God and bringing the feminine side of weird Al Yankovic forth. She was voted most revolutionary spiritual guide in the Best of Bay Area and is the Captain of the Shamanic Cheerleaders. She’s been doing spiritual satire since before it was a thing and brings an audience participatory experience that is guaranteed to affect your brain chemistry.
James Kapicka armed with 1000’s of hours of being a well known yoga teacher and festival producer is taking his very hilarious and educated steps in becoming a stand up of his own! His wit could only come from being deep in the trenches of conscious community.
Amae Love is an exceptionally diverse, deeply soulful, multi-faceted talent whose skills include MC’ing, live looping, dance, ukelele, piano, guitar, partner dance, hoop dance, cheffing and clothing design. Amae’s birthday anthem, “The Amaezing Birthday Song” is a catchy, soulful alternative Birthday tune with over 130k views on youtube.
So, join us for a great evening ‘cuz if you wanna be enlightened, then you gotta lighten up!
Doors open at 7 PM
Show starts at 7:30 PM
– $25 in advance
– $30 at the door

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