Melting into the SPRING: Equinox Friday Night Alchemy

Melting into the SPRING: Equinox Friday Night Alchemy
Join our Beloved Community as we gather to celebrate the Spring Equinox, in Dance and in Stillness. After a breath-of-fresh-air warmup, we sit, walk and dance using the powerful simplicity of Open Floor’s Meditation Cycle. We listen to Nature’s call: letting ourselves feel the Darkness in the world, yet calling in the Light that balances it. With compassion, courage and hope, we move for All Beings!
We will continue our In-Person dancing while simultaneously Zooming with our global community.
Date/Time: Friday, March 18th at 7 PM PST.
(10 PM EST/ 1PM Sat. AEST)
–>DOORS and Zoom room CLOSE 30 min. after start of event. Schedule below.
*Zoom link will be posted here by the day of the Event.
Entry Fee: Reciprocity-based / CAYAA (Contribute As You Are Able) ~ Suggested Donation: $25-15
~In the spirit of Buddhist practices like “dana” and indigenous practices like “ayni,” you are asked to offer from your Heart.
~If you’re not able to contribute $, there are other ways to Offer–please contact me.
~To donate monetarily, bring cash, send PayPal to [email protected] or Venmo @Farshid-Farrahi.
***What to Bring***:
-Masks are strongly recommended (but not required).
-Your *clear consciousness* – i.e. substance-free.
6:55 Doors/Zoom Room OPEN and music begins for Warmup.
7:25 Virtual Opening Circle and Agreements (container closes at 7:30 PST).
7:35 The Meditation Cycle: Lightly-guided Sitting, Walking, Dancing (and joyously repeating).
9:05 Spring Ritual
9:15-9:30 Chocolate and Closing Circle (Optional)
These Open Floor Alchemy sessions bring together subtle yet powerful facilitation, structured and free-form movement set to a beautiful music, and sweet communion… topped off by gourmet chocolate! (Unfortunately, we can’t send that over Zoom, yet :)).
Open Floor is a conscious dance practice that invites our Wholeness into Community. As such, it engages mind-body awareness, emotional intelligence, relational attunement, and connection to Spirit. (Read more about it here: or here:
Diversity Statement:
We hold pluralism to be inherently of value, and invite adults and youth (16 and over), of all races, ethnicities, physical abilities, spiritualities, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, all along the gender spectrum, to build community with us.
May all beings be joyful, well, and free!
Farshid Farrahi, MD (he/him), is a therapist & facilitator with Open Floor International. Embracing his mystical and indigenous tribal Persian roots, he brings over a decade of experience with mindfulness and meditative inquiry, insight into the psyche, and care of the Soul to the Dance-floor. He is delighted to share his passion for movement, Soul poetry, and music in a space where your Inner Teacher meets the dynamic Now.
(By participating you acknowledge and agree that this session is not to be taken in any way as medical, psychological or other health advice and includes inherent risks. You assume full responsibility for your health and any effects of participating. You have consulted with your healthcare professional(s) before participating.)

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