PlayShop: The Erotic Blueprints™ May 22, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

The Erotic Blueprints™ help people connect to the body, allowing deeper, truer engagement with the birthright of pleasure.
Where do you want to go with your sex life? What’s next for you?
In this 4-hour PlayShop (I just really don’t want to associate sex with work, you know?) you will be introduced to The Erotic Blueprints™, created by Jaiya. The Blueprints are easy to understand. They are fun. They are a powerful tool for learning about what really turns you on. Your body doesn’t lie. Your brain tho…
The Blueprints have provided big A-ha! moments for thousands of people. When you understand how your body is wired for arousal, feelings of brokenness, inadequacy, incompatibility, frustration, and on, and on… can transform into a world of exciting possibility. And here’s a wee secret for you that shouldn’t be a secret – sexual incompatibility is a myth y’all . You are not incompatible. You just need to learn a little bit about another language.
My work supports people who want more! More fun. More connection. More pleasure. More exploration. More play.
You’ll learn about each Blueprint’s characteristics, superpowers, and how they can manifest in unhelpful ways.
Through games and exercises — PlayShop people! Not lecture! — you’ll:
-try out some practices that ask your body – not your brain or your social conditioning – to tell you what it likes.
-practice communicating in ways that improve clarity and connection with partner(s).
-explore how to work with what gets in the way, how to interrupt routines and habits that can result in boring, uninspired, predictable, and unfulfilling sex.
Pleasure is your birthright as a humxn being. Claim it!
May 22, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
-This is clothing-ON event. An invitation to exchange touch with others will be offered at times. Consent is absolutely paramount. To be extra, extra clear, this is an educational event, not a place to be sexual.
-You DO NOT need a romantic partner for the Blueprints to be useful, even transformative! In fact, becoming your own best lover is a deeply rewarding exploration I highly recommend. Come alone. Come with a partner. Come with all your partners.
-I am gender fluid. My sexuality is fluid. All humxns over 18 years old of any and all configuration of identity and presentation are welcome with love and acceptance.
-Please wear comfortable clothes and layers to ensure your own comfort.
-You are welcome to take notes, so bring notebooks and pens if that’s your jam.
-Please eat before you come, so you don’t get too hungry. Light refreshments will be provided, a wee sip and nibble.
-Parking is on the street. For the love of all the gods and goddesses don’t leave anything in your car!!! Allow extra time to find parking and walk to the venue.
-COVID – please be vaccinated. Please do not attend if you are experiencing any symptoms. We are all tired. And it’s till out there

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