The EBCS Main Space hosts curated public events four nights per week, four weeks per month, in the following categories:

  • Spoken word / open mic
  • Performance art
  • Cinema (in various categories, such as documentaries, politics, open sexuality, etc)
  • Participatory dance (such as Contact Improvisation, Soul Motion, 5 Rhythms, blues dancing, swing, etc)
  • Music performance (of various genres, open mic nights, etc)

Click here for a calendar showing our current schedule of monthly curated events.

For each of the four weekly events, we are seeking four teams or individuals who want to facilitate / produce an event one night per month. About half of the 16 nights per month are currently available.

Curated events generally start at 7pm, with a set up period beginning at 6:40pm. There is also the possibility of an added pre-event class or event from 5:30pm – 6:30pm.

The Main Space has a sound system, DJ booth, stage lighting, toilets, showers, changing space and a sauna.  We assist you with outreach and publicity, in the form of the calendar on this website and our Facebook group and page. Our café, The Well, is also open to sell snacks on some evenings. Otherwise, event curators can sell refreshments at our refreshment counter.

Our goal is to realize income each night of $165. For the first two months of a new curated event, EBCS will absorb any loss below that amount. Curator teams are entitled to any surplus revenue above $165. We require that all events be priced affordably, with a wide sliding scale, and that EBCS members receive an admission discount.

If you are interested in curating a monthly event, please email us.



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