EBCS hosts monthly curated public events Monday through Thursday in both the Main Space and Telegraph Room in the following categories:

  • Performance including music (of various genres, open mic nights, etc), spoken word, and theater
  • Cinema (in various categories such as documentaries, politics, open sexuality, etc)
  • Participatory dance (such as Contact Improvisation, Soul Motion, 5 Rhythms, blues dancing, swing, etc)
  • Political meetings
  • Game nights
  • Personal growth (including lecture and participatory formats)

Click here for a calendar showing our current schedule of monthly curated events.

The Main Space is ideal for live performances complete with a modular stage, sound system, stage lighting, projector, kitchenette, six all gender ADA-accessible bathroom stalls, shower, sauna, and a “green room”.

The Telegraph Room is a customizable space with a powered speaker, projector, extensive track lighting, kitchenette, and an all gender ADA-accessible bathroom stall.

Sliding scale range of fees for one-time weeknight events in the MAIN SPACE:

Room Rental: $225 – $475

House Manager: $50

Cleaning: $50 – $100

Sliding scale range of fees for one-time weeknight events in the TELEGRAPH ROOM:

Room Rental: $135 – $425

House Manager: $50

Cleaning: $25 – $75

We highly encourage presenters offer a wide sliding scale of their admission fees, and that EBCS members receive an admission discount. We assist you with outreach and publicity, in the form of the calendar on this website and our Facebook group and page.

Our café, The Well, is available to sell food and drinks by arrangement. Otherwise, event curators can sell refreshments.

EBCS’s goal is to realize income each night of $275 including cleaning.  EBCS will split revenues on a 50/50 basis with the event producer up until EBCS has received $275.  The producer is entitled to any surplus revenue above $165.  We require that all events be priced affordably, with a wide sliding scale. The pre-event time slot (5:30 to 6:30) would need to generate an additional $45 per hour.

If you are interested in curating a monthly event please email us.


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