East Bay Community Dance w/Sasha Rose, Feb 7th

Dancers of the Bay Area,
This is an indoor dance event sponsored by EBCS and produced by Dan Zemelman (DJ DZ). East Bay Community Dance occurs every Tuesday from 7-9:30pm. All are welcome (vax or unvax)!
We simply ask that you respect our rules:
1) No talking on the dance floor
2) No shoes on the dance floor (medical reasons exempt)
3) Respect each others’ boundaries and receive consent before engaging with others
Doors open at 7:00pm for warmup and the main set is from 7:30-9:30pm.
Sasha’s background of lifelong musicianship has created a strong foundation for her unique style of electronic production and live dj performance. She combines many elements learned from her vast variety of musical experience to offer a truly innovative type of artistic expression.
Her popularity with spiritually focused dance crowds comes from her unique hybridization of original production featuring her live vocals and flute playing with carefully selected inspirational dance tracks from various artists from around the world.
Her performances flow from celestial grooves to tribal world rhythms to down tempo dance dub to collective ascensions to higher realms. Sasha is one of the most sought after dj’s for Ecstatic Dance and Ecstatic Dance styled events throughout California and beyond. She has performed at over 70 such dances including multiple appearances at Ecstatic Dance Oakland, Dance Journey, and many others.
+ DJ DZ (yours truly) will be joining on the keyboard!
DJ lineup:
Feb 7: Sasha Rose
Feb 14: Nurse Noise
Feb 21: AguaMayyim
Feb 28: Watsonix
March 3: Gabriel Francisco
Tickets are $21 to $23 pre-sale (or cash/PayPal/Venmo at the door)
**There is limited capacity at EBCS, so we recommend that you get advance tickets!
We look forward to dancing with you!
Dan and David
· EBCD will continue.
We will hold East Bay Community Dance every Tuesday as long as conditions don’t worsen significantly and Alameda County doesn’t change its regulations and guidance.
· Events are Potentially Risky.
We believe everyone attending should be aware that large gatherings like EBCD are not without risk. Attendance is a choice. Mask-wearing is optional, but encouraged if it helps you to feel safer.
· Refunds
If you don’t think you are going to be able to come, please don’t buy a ticket! We don’t offer refunds except in very extreme circumstances. It is possible to sell your ticket on the Facebook event page usually.
· Stay Home if You’re Even Slightly Sick.
Please do not attend EBCD if you have any symptoms that could be related to Covid-19, including cough, runny nose, congestion, fever, chills, etc

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