Erratic Dance – Return to the INSIDE! – Thur Jan 26, 7:00-10:00 PM

Welcome to Erratic Dance! It’s a dance party where you can be free to express yourself, erratically. Get up, get down, fall on the floor. Weirdos and clowns are WELCOME. Non-consensual behavior is NOT WELCOME. No Creepers.
We are going to gather in person and dance INDOORS for the first time since February 2020! Vaxx only. Negative antigen day-of result required. If you don’t feel well, please pass on coming.
We are so excited to get to dance with all of you INSIDE!
Awesome DJs providing the beats –
K-Luh & JK47 (Andrew)
Sliding scale $10-$25 split between the DJ and the Erratic Dance Fund. We’re using Partiful to accept payments. It is set at $15. If you can pay more, like $20-$25 that would be amazing and would ensure we could do this again. If you can only swing $10, you are still welcome. Buying an advance ticket will reserve your space. If you don’t buy in advance, we can’t guarantee there will be space, but if there is space, you can pay $20 at the door.
This is NOT Erotic Dance. This is NOT Ecstatic Dance. This is Erratic Dance.
Rules of Erratic Dance:
1. Dance – It’s primarily a dance party. Talking is ok, but long conversations are best had at the edges of the dancefloor.
2. Ask First – Ask before you dance with someone and especially before you make physical contact.
3. Share the Space – Yes. Your dance moves are DOPE. Leave room for other people’s DOPE dance moves. Don’t let your dance thing take over the space.
Thanks for helping to make this a great event!

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