East Bay Community Dance w/Sasha Rose

Dancers of the Bay Area,
Sasha Rose is back! A brief visit from one of the premier Ecstatic Dance DJs, we are proud to host Sasha again. She is simply THE BEST!
Sasha’s background of lifelong musicianship has created a strong foundation for her unique style of electronic production and live dj performance. She combines many elements learned from her vast variety of musical experience to offer a truly innovative type of artistic expression.
+ DJ DZ will be joining on the keyboard!
This is an indoor dance event sponsored by EBCS and produced by Dan Zemelman (DJ DZ). East Bay Community Dance occurs every Tuesday from 7-9:30pm. All are welcome (vaxed or unvaxed)!
We simply ask that you respect our rules:
1) No talking on the dance floor
2) No shoes on the dance floor (medical reasons exempt)
3) Respect each others’ boundaries and receive consent before engaging with others
Doors open at 7:00pm for warmup and the main set is from 7:30-9:30pm.
DJ lineup:
July 11: Tropo
July 18: Sasha Rose
Tickets are $21 to $23 pre-sale (or cash/PayPal/Venmo at the door)
**There is limited capacity at EBCS, so we recommend that you get advance tickets!
We look forward to dancing with you!
Dan and David

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