IMPACT Bay Area / Self-Defense for AAPIs

Self-Defense for AAPIs
Sliding scale $40-130
February 26th, 10 AM – 1 PM

This class introduces strategies that can be helpful in the face of race-based harassment like adrenaline management, de-escalation, and verbal boundary setting, as well as bystander intervention. The class also includes an introduction to Empowerment Self-Defense techniques, starting with the foundational skills of intuition, situational awareness, body language, and voice – which are proven effective at increasing safety and confidence. We will also cover full-force physical techniques in realistic, adrenalized scenarios.

This class is led by a Whistle Instructor, who is the lead coach, and a Suited Instructor, who plays the role of mock assailant and wears a padded suit to allow students to practice using full force. Physical techniques include defending against attacks from the front and being grabbed from behind. You’ll leave this class feeling strong and maybe surprised by your own power and courage!

This class is for AAPI identified and presenting individuals. Open to all genders ages 16+


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